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Disposal of Common Household Hazardous Waste

  • Liquid paints – Paints should never be thrown directly in the trash in liquid form. They should be mixed before disposal with either kitty litter or sawdust. This will allow for the paint to harden and dry out. Latex paints are not considered to be hazardous waste, only oil-based and other stains.

  • Medicines– Medicines either outdated or no longer needed, should be mixed with coffee grounds. This prevents other individuals from attempting to use them illegally. Medicine should never be disposed of down a toilet or a drain.

  • Pesticides – Chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides should be triple-wrapped in plastic bags before disposing of. Ideally, it is also better if the chemical has been used completely before deciding to dispose of it.

  • Fuel – Fuel can be tricky to dispose of. There is no disposal area. You are not allowed to dump it anywhere or pour it out onto the ground legally. Place the open fuel container in a well-ventilated area and allow it to evaporate. Make sure the area is free of all children and pets. Once the fuel is evaporated, triple-wrap the container and dispose of it.

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