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6 Tips on How to Be Junk Free

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Southern Quality Haul Off / Dustin Smith / Owner / Senoia Junk Removal

1. Living Within Your Means.

When we discuss living within your means, people often think about over spending on the size of their home, or the price of their car. However, it is also important to not overspend on packages and fill a house with stuff. This causes junk build up, a cluttered home, and causes excess trash.

2. Donate or Throw Away

A few times a year it is good to go through the house and pick out things you no longer need or use. Then you can decide to donate or throw away unwanted items.

3. Have a Place for Everything

Organization is a key component to helping control junk. Without proper organizational skills, junk will find its way into spots where it does not belong.

4. Put Things Away

When you are done using something, you must always put it back where it belongs. Do not simply throw it on the counter.

5. Control Online Spending

We are bad about buying everything online today. With that comes many cardboard boxes. That equates to a lot of trash and junk that needs to be thrown away. Online can be more convenient, but often with a stack of cardboard trash as the side effect.

6. Clean Up

If you accumulate a lot of junk, you have many options. You can clean it up, call in a professional like myself, or let it just continue to grow. Best options are to clean it up or hire a professional. It is not the end of the world. Junk can always be cleaned up and following steps such as these can help you prevent further junk issues in the future.

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